Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Limit Regarding Lookup in MS Dynamics CRM 2013

So Today we had an interesting requirement: We had a custom entity, called Paper, for which we wanted to limit the entities that could be selected for the regarding lookup.

I can't come up with a supported way of doing this so this is the unsupported way:

In essence, this will limit the Regarding to new_keyissue and new_goal.

You'll need to fire it on the onChange event like this, NEW.Paper.limitRegardingLookup.

if (typeof (NEW) == "undefined")
{ NEW = {}; }
NEW.Paper = {
    limitRegardingLookup: function () {
        var KeyIssueOTC = GetEntityTypeCode("new_keyissue");
        var goalOTC = GetEntityTypeCode("new_goal");
        var ObjectTypeCodeList = KeyIssueOTC + ", " + goalOTC;
        var LookupTypeNames = "new_keyissue:"+ KeyIssueOTC + ":Key Issues,new_goal:" + goalOTC + ":Goal";
        document.getElementById("regardingobjectid_i").setAttribute("lookuptypes", ObjectTypeCodeList);
        document.getElementById("regardingobjectid_i").setAttribute("lookuptypenames", LookupTypeNames);
        document.getElementById("regardingobjectid_i").setAttribute("defaulttype", KeyIssueOTC);


function GetEntityTypeCode(entityName) {
    try {
        var lookupService = new RemoteCommand("LookupService", "RetrieveTypeCode");
        lookupService.SetParameter("entityName", entityName);
        var result = lookupService.Execute();
        if (result.Success && typeof result.ReturnValue == "number") {
            return result.ReturnValue;
        else {
            return null;
    catch (ex) {
        throw ex;

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Enable .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 2012 Azure Virtual Machine (VM) - Error Code 0x800F0906

Yesterday I tried to install Ms SQL Server in a Azure VM that was running Windows 2012 R2, but it would complain about not being able to enable it.

So I tried from Server Manager and I got the following error:

Since this is a Azure VM, I don't think I should be downloading the Windows ISO, so ... well, it turns out that this is a known issue for which there is a fix, so all you need to do is apply the latest Windows updates and then it will install fine.

Control Panel -> Windows Updates

11 updates, WTF MS?

The one we care about.

The question I have is why in the name of all that is holy, isn't the fix already applied when the VM is provisioned? I get that MS can't just release a new image for every fix but preventing the install of SQL Server seems to be a big enough issue to warrant a new image, even if there are SQL Server VMs, but they are more expensive and .... at any rate, hope it saves people time.

I guess it's a matter of time, hopefully.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Validating SharePoint file names in JavaScript

SharePoint limits the valid characters of file names, which can be a problem, so to prevent this issue, we use this function to validated filenames in our Web App that integrates with SharePoint.

var validateFileName = function (value){

var specialCharacters = new RegExp("[\\\\\/:*?\"<>|#{}%~&]");

if (specialCharacters.test(value)) {      
 return true;
 return false;

Only thing to note is that \\\\ is needed to represent \ in the regular expression, see this for more details