Friday, 20 November 2015

Instantiating the OrganizationServiceProxy for IFD enabled organizations.

Last week was an interesting week at work, highlights include running an application from my laptop against the live service.

It took me a while to get this working because I was using the wrong endpoint, D'oh, and the wrong type of credentials, double D'oh.

In any case, here it is for posterity:
public class IFDCrmService

        const string ServiceUrl = "https://{0}/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc";

        public static IOrganizationService GetIFDCrmService()
            ClientCredentials credentials = new ClientCredentials();
            credentials.UserName.UserName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["UserName"];
            credentials.UserName.Password = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Password"];

            if (ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FQDN"] == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("FQDN key missing."); }
            string fqdn = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FQDN"]; 
            return new OrganizationServiceProxy(new Uri(string.Format(ServiceUrl, fqdn)), null, credentials, null);
The relevant part of the app.config is below:
    <add key="UserName" value="dev\crmapppool" />
    <add key="Password" value="P@55w0rd1" />    
    <add key="FQDN" value=""/>
It's always a good idea to encrypt the passwords but I won't discuss this today here.