Thursday, 29 September 2011

The importance of good references

As part of the housekeeping service that I was talking about yesterday there is a call to the CrmService.Delete method.

Having gone through the pain described in my previous post,or not, as it doesn't tell anything about all the hair pulling,  code revisions, swearing, etc.. Anyway I ran into another issue: The DeleteMethod, that wasn't described in my previous post, is simply a wrap around for the CrmService.Delete method and whenever I passed the entity name and a guid I would get this error:
DeleteEntity web service method name is not valid
I checked the entity in the database and it was there. I checked the CRM trace logs and found nothing, which I thought it was a bit strange. I added a catch block for SOAP Exceptions and found that it wasn't a SOAP exception. I refreshed the web service references in the Visual Studio project, but to no avail. 

A colleague suggested removing the references and readding them and this fixed the issue, WTF???. This is the second such incident (CRM service reference issue that I have had) and have solved both the same way, i.e. by removing the references, web service references I should say, and re adding it, but never really understood what the cause of the issue was. At any rate, maybe it'll help somebody if they come across the same issue as me.

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