Monday, 6 February 2012

Somebody is infrigining on my copyright

The oddest thing happened just now, I was looking at my blog stats and I noticed that some of my most popular posts are on installing phpMyAdmin and I was curious as to how they would appear on Google. When I searched for phpmyadmin centos 6.2, the second link is for a site called and it turns out that they have copied my post about the ssl/tls install of phpmyadmin.

I don't do this for money, I don't have any ads on the site, and I don't mind people linking to my site or copying my posts so long as they properly attribute them, i.e. they explicitly state that I was the author and/or link back to this site. Copying the post verbatim and tagging the pictures as their own, without any attribution as to who the original author was is really, really annoying.

I've left them this comment:
if you are going to copy my blog post you could at least provide an attribution.
And tagging the images as yours is just plain weird.
Anyway the blog post I wrote can be found here:
After a bit more searching I also found my how to install Joomla post listed there. A quick search of some of the post reveals that this is just a content scrapping site, however, it does not seem to have any obvious ads. I've not checked their Facebook feed, so I'm not entirely sure what they are trying to achieve.

All I can say is some of the posts will be a bit confusing, if they are like my ssl/tls phpmyadmin install post, as this posts links to another post in my original blog, which may or may not have been picked by php2s but will certainly not be linked to it.

All I can say is that Frank Boros must be the most knowledgeable person in the world.


He is actually a SEO consultant, so I know what his game is about. I guess he is trying to show case his ability to make a site top a Google search. I doff my virtual hat to you Mr. Boros. Now stop infringing on my copyright.

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