Tuesday, 23 September 2014

TIL - Create Scheduled Tasks with parameters using schtasks

Today I had to create a couple of schedule task to run this application I wrote, the problem was that when I did this:
schtasks /create /sc daily /tn "Application" /TR "'c:\Program Files (x86)\Application\Application.exe -t'" /ST 00:30:00 /RU user /RP password 
It created a task but then when it started, it would not actually run nor stop, so after a bit of googling and a few tries i came up with this
schtasks /create /sc daily /tn "Application" /TR "'c:\Program Files (x86)\Application\Application.exe' -t" /ST 00:30:00 /RU user /RP password 
Note how the command, in bold, is surrounded by single quotes and the whole, i.e. command and parameters is surrounded by double quotes, so this will run Application.exe with parameter -t @ 00:30 everyday
Hope it helps.

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