Thursday, 1 August 2013

Adding comments to fetchxml queries in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Today I learnt that it is possible to embed comments in fetchxml queries, which when you think about it is obvious, but I didn't know.

I think this can be really useful for optionsets. Mind you if you are lazy/pressed for time enough that you don't create a enum for your optionsets then it's unlikely that you are going to bother with comments, but then again you might, as adding a comment is certainly quicker than creating an enum.

Exempli Gratia:

<fetch mapping="logical" count="50" version="1.0">
 <entity name="h2h_claim">
   <!--2 equals customers with a medium risk rating, i.e. at least 1 claim in the last 6 months-->
   <condition attribute="h2h_risk" operator="eq" value="2" />

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