Monday, 6 June 2011

Mount and unmount CIFS and NFS network file systems

Let's start with NFS first.
Requirement number one is to have an NFS server available and configured. As part of the RHCE objectives you need to configure one.

The mount command for nfs shares is straight forward enough:

mount.nfs /repo - where is an NFS server that has exported a directory called /distro to, at the very least, your computer, more likely it will be to your entire network and you want it to be mounted to /repo. Note that you can simply use mount, instead of mount.nfs.

Let's have a look now at CIFS shares. Again, you need to have CIFS shares available.

mount.cifs "//$/" test -o user=roots dom=dev - this is the equivalent to \\\c$ in windows notation, with the user roots in the domain dev. Note that you can pass the password as a parameter too, simply add to the end of the command pass=rootspassword, if you don't you'll get a prompt to enter the password.

Note that you need to install nfs-utils (yum install nfs-utils -y) to mount nfs shares and cifs-utils (yum install cifs-utils -y) to mount cifs shares.

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