Thursday, 9 June 2011

Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems as virtual guests

You can use virt-manager to do this task, see this link, and perhaps this is the way Red Hat intended this objective to be accomplished, but as a Linux system admin you should aim to do everything via the console, therefore let's get started with the command line.
Provided that you have just installed the virtualization packages, make sure that the libvirt daemon is running and
issue the following command:
virt-install --prompt
This should prompt you for every detail needed  to create a new virtual machine.
Alternatively, you could provide the details required, like this command:
virt-install -n test -r 1024 --vcpu=1 -l nfs: --os-type='linux' --os-variant='rhel6' --network network:default --file=/var/lib/libvirt/images/test.img --file-size=6 -x console=ttyS0
This will allow you to install Red Hat with a terminal user interface and will allow you to access the console of this machine from a terminal as discussed on here.

and so on, same as a normal installer but through the terminal, how cool is that :)?
Until it finishes. To exit this console, just press CTRL + ]

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