Wednesday, 14 March 2012

An experiment

I thought I would try a little experiment today. How easy is it to manipulate Google search results?

Google algorithm(s) is not public, but one of the well known criteria that it uses, or at least used to use, was the number of links to a page, so with that in mind, I have created a few blogs in tumblr, wordpress and posterous and simply provided a link to my post on how to set up the virtual center server appliance to use multiple VLANs.

For the record, all the blogs are called dumbrepeater.<platform> (e.g. and the posts have been tagged with vCenter and vCSA.

A search on Google for VCSA VLAN already returns my post first, but I want to see whether I can get my post showing up as the first result when searching for VCSA with this simple trick.

I might add a few more blogs on other platforms to see if I can fool Google.

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