Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Out of Frequency Display on Fujistu-Siemens monitors

A few months ago I rebooted my test PC and the monitor went blank after displaying the Windows XP boot screen, with a message saying:
Out of Frequency
After doing loads and loads of different tests with different monitors and different PCs, where the monitor would stop working seemingly at random, I realized what the source of the problem was. I was using a Y power cable, with one plug powers the monitor and the computer itself.

I changed the power cable and forgot about this completely, until today, where the same issue happened. 

After cursing myself for forgetting what the issue was I did some more investigation and found out the culprit, somebody, probably me, had plugged the monitor to a 4-way adaptor, which was probably empty when I plugged the monitor the first time, but now was full.

So, I plugged the monitor on its own socket and it now works.

I hope it doesn't happen again, because I think I would be out of ideas then.

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