Monday, 23 June 2014

Use Linq Joins (Method Syntax) with Late Binding in Ms Dynamics CRM 2011/2013

There seems to be no examples of using Linq with late binding and method syntax about, until now:

var collection = context.CreateQuery("service")
.Join(context.CreateQuery("e2_dictionary"),x => x["serviceid"], y => (y["e2_serviceid"as EntityReference).Id, (x, y) => y)
.Where(x => x["name"].Equals(serviceName));
The out of the box service entity is pretty locked down, it's not possible to add N:1 or N:N relationships, so in order to implement a classification system for the services, I created the e2_dictionary entity.

e2_dictionary has a N:1 with e2_type and service, which means that there is some validation needed in a plug-in to ensure that when that nobody creates more than one e2_dictionary and this is why the snippet above, serviceName is the name of the service :)

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