Saturday, 14 February 2015

Gas and Electricity Consumption in a 1920s mid-terrace house in the North of England.

Last week I was going through some old pen drives to see if there was actually anything worth keeping and I found a lot of old energy consumption measurements I took back at our old house, so I thought I would share them here.

The house was a small mid terrace house, with central heating and a gas cooker, built after the First World War. I started taking the measurements after I decided that leaving my gaming PC on 24/7 wasn't a great idea, I should've taken a few measurements with it on, but there you go. We only heated the house to a relatively low temperature, i.e. ~ 18° C

Unfortunately, I don't have measurements of outside temperature so I cannot correlate energy use to outside temperature, but the data was gathered to try to get a better understanding of how much gas and electricity we were using at the time.

Without further ado here are the charts:

It's hard to see electricity consumption in the above chart, so here it is:

Estimate costs below. I will not rant about the rather ludicrous way Gas and Electricity is priced in this country.

Electricity on its own again:

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